Pray That Husband Into Being

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

Father I love you and know you love me. So I look to you to lead me to the right man for marriage. First Lord prepare me to be the best wife I can be. Give me the right heart for my husband. Give me the wisdom to take care of our home and family. Show me how to love and respect my husband the way he should be loved and respected, as king and head of our home. Help me to be a blessing to my husband.

And now I pray Father that the man that captures my heart will be loving, kind, a provider, a good father, wise, a good planner, investor, wealth creator, a strong and powerful man of God, a worshiper, a man who loves you first, a giver, gentle but strong, a good and fun loving love maker.  I pray against foul spirits, foul language, harsh words, addictions, lust, abuse, womanizing, the spirit of debt, disease, dysfunction over my man and marriage in Jesus’s Name.

I commit this to you Lord. Show me what I have missed so I can be a better wife. I pray even more for my husband to be all you’ve called him to be. Amen.

Much Love,


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