A Declaration For Women

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

Dear Woman,

I salute and celebrate You.

I declare even now that You are and will forever be a Woman of Faith, Substance, Significance, Purpose, Prosperity, and Divine Destiny. I declare that you will be Fruitful in everything you do. That you will be set free from all bondage. That your days will be filled with the peace, joy and comfort of the Holy Spirit. That you will forever be the Head and not the tail, Above and not beneath, the Lender and not the borrower. That your words, thoughts and works will be blessed.

I declare That your children born and yet to be born will be blessed. Your husband or husband to be will treat you and care for you as God intended. That where you are now is not where you will stay. That this year is your breakthrough year. That you will be transformed and others will see the Love of God shining in and through you.

I declare that you will walk in all that God has ordained for you. That you are the woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, neigbhor, colleague, and leader God has called you to be. I rejoice because you are and will be a queen like Esther, a fighter like Deborah, a worshiper like Lydia, a Proverbs 31 Woman.

Let your light shine from this day forward. Every Blessing!

Much Love,


All rights reserved © 2016.

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