Some Friendships Have An Expiration Date

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

You’re a woman of prosperity. Being a woman of prosperity requires that you understand that some friendships have an expiration date. defines prosperity as “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition”. People typically apply this definition to economic well-being. However, we know from Scripture that God sees prosperity as a holistic condition encompassing every area of our lives. Hence, prosperity also refers to our emotional, spiritual, mental, relational, sexual and physical well-being (3 John 2, Message Version). Google’s definition doesn’t fully capture what Scripture says about prosperity, nonetheless, it does suggest that prosperity is more than financial: “A long period of peace, comfort and security”.

To be able to position yourselves for prosperity, you must accept that prosperity is a relational concept. You cannot achieve it alone. It requires prosperous friendships. A friendship that is prosperous is one that will result in you growing/developing. On the other hand, one that is not will either cause you to remain stagnant or will drain the life out of you, causing you to regress.

If you haven’t yet achieved prosperity it means that you’re either in a place void of prosperity or in a place of limited opportunity for prosperity. But that’s OK because prosperity is a process and it doesn’t matter where you are. What matters is where you are going. The question, however, you’ll need to ask yourself is whether the friends you have share the kind of mindset you are now taking on and whether they are mature enough to help you move forward. Why? Because this is the foundation for a prosperous friendship.

Here are three other things to consider:

First: Righteous people are expected to choose their friends carefully (Proverbs 12:26). As you position yourself for prosperity you should be deliberate in choosing who you have as friends, that is, your close counsel. In fact, friends are intended to be God’s representation of Himself in the earth and are intended to impart godly wisdom and knowledge. They are supposed to comfort, guide, protect, mold, stretch and sharpen you. (Proverbs 27:17) As a woman of God, you also want to be sure that your friends are righteous and are ones who pray for you.

Second: Friendships are built on commonality – commonality of thinking, direction, habits, behaviors, attitudes, actions, reactions and/or pleasures. As such, your friends are typically a reflection of the things you are, enjoy, think, say and do, hence the saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. If you are coming from a place of no or little prosperity, perhaps your friends are as well. Now I’m not saying that they aren’t worthy to be friends. What I am saying is that you may need to consider who you lean on in the relational space necessary for prosperity. The fact is if you want to grow and prosper you need to be around people who are already in the place where you want to get to and are who you want to become. Why? So you can model them. So you can get wise counsel from them. So you can be held accountable to them in instances when you may have gone astray. So you will have persons around who will readily help you to bounce forward.

Third: Recognize that some friends are around for us to help them while others are there because you need to be helped. Unfortunately sometimes we confuse the two, thinking that the person we are there to help is the one from which we should seek counsel. Really what it means is that you’re leaning on someone that’s weaker than you. It may be that this person is someone you can go to on a particular matter every now and again but they should not be your major source for development.

Again, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that we should choose friends based on what they can do for us. Rather, I’m saying that the friendships that we should align ourselves with for decision-making, transparency and growth are those that are prosperous (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and so on).

Some of you may be asking, “Does that mean I need to disassociate myself from the friends I have now?” I suggest that you pray about it and then listen to what God has to say on the matter. Truth is, there are times when He tells us to dissolve our friendships. In other situations, He’ll say give them space for a while. Others He allows us to keep.

If you’ve been getting the sense that these are not people you need in your circle then be bold and walk away. Moreover, if they aren’t good for you, that is, they are bad influences, walk away. As my pastor would say, “you don’t need a prayer meeting for that”.

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