Words Of A Praying Wife

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

Father in the name of Jesus I acknowledge that marriage is from you and that you love and honor marriage. I thank you for my marriage and husband. I bring everything we have and don’t have to you Lord and lay it all at your feet recommitting it to you daily asking for your grace in every situation. Lord I pray divine purpose, prosperity and truth over our marriage.

Lord I pray that you will continue to reveal to me where I have fallen down in my marriage. I admit Lord that I need your help to be the best wife I can be. Lord I also pray that you will help my husband, with every struggle he has at home, work, wherever he goes. Continue to give him wisdom in his decisions. Help him to excel in all he does.

Help him to be the man   you’ve called him to be. I pray he will become the wealth creator he is called to be. Bless his hands so they can excel at whatever he puts them to. Bless his words and thoughts I pray. Give him strength to deal with all anxieties. Father I pray you will give him a burning desire for our marriage today and always. That he will lust for me daily, yearn for our marriage, and the vision we’ve set out for our lives and that nothing will deter him from these.

And now Father I cancel every Jezebel and Delilah spirit. I cancel everything that opposes my husband and our marriage now in the name of Jesus. I loose your ministering angels to watch over us and bind every act and plan of the enemy over our lives and marriage. I send confusion into the enemy’s camp so we will be set free from very attack. I crush the serpent’s head now in the name of Jesus. I release the power of God and His anointing of success over my marriage now in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Much Love,


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