You’ll Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

If your parents ever taught you the phrase “You catch more flies with honey”, go home and give them a kiss, send them a box of chocolates, flowers or on a weekend getaway. Those words are so true, so real, and are critical for us to get and apply in our daily lives if we’re ever to truly have amazing/productive relationships – whether platonic, professional or marital.

People respond positively when you use respectful and kind words. The reverse is also true. In fact, a person’s language experience determines whether they respond positively and at their best or negatively and below their best. A rewarding and positive language experience gets people pumped up and ready to go – to do great and positive things. Of course, the reverse is also true. Here I use language experience to mean the experience one has based on words shared by another. This is why some bosses are able to get the most out of their staff and colleagues. A great language experience is also important for marriage. In effect, how we respond and the language experience determines the success of our relationships. The two are related.

Check yourself how do you respond to people, regardless of the situation or circumstance? Are your words respectful and kind?

Much Love,


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