Read The Manual

By Lona Isaacs

Psalm 119:11 – Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.

In November of 2014 I bought my first smartphone, and it was then that I realized how incredibly low tech I was – well at least when it comes on to smart phones. As I tried to navigate my new phone I grew increasingly frustrated as I had no manual to guide me and I did not know what to do.  I had been under the assumption that a manual was part of the package when I bought the phone, as this was what I was accustomed to. But when I got home, I realized that I was wrong. The leaflet in the box contained very basic information about the phone. It was by no means an in-depth guide, thus I was clueless how to even make or receive calls.

After reading the fine print, I realized that a complete manual could be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Joy! After downloading the manual and doing some reading I was better able to navigate the phone. I was now able to do the things I couldn’t do before. I could make and receive calls by following the procedures, not doing it how I felt it should be done. The manual made all the difference.

It’s the same way with the Christian life. We sometimes end up in difficulties because we try to do things on our own and in our way instead of reading the manual – God’s word. In it we find instructions on how to live and relate to others, how to overcome sin, how to navigate life. The manual, God’s word, can make all the difference in our lives if we admit that by ourselves we are helpless. When we follow it, we eliminate some of the stress and strain of this world, and can thus experience the abundant life that the Father has in store for us. Like the Psalmist, we should hide it in our hearts.

Make it a priority to read and study our life manual – God’s Word.

All rights reserved © 2014.


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