You Can Finish Strong

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

“Just because you’ve had a bad start doesn’t mean you can’t have a good finish” Joyce Meyer

That’s my philosophy. Always has been… always will be. It’s more true now that I know that I have a Savior who has made me promises He will be sure to keep and a Savior who has kept me going even in those times when I thought I wouldn’t make it.

Nothing is too big for my Savior. In fact what we consider to be impossible is His normal. What keeps us from realizing this daily is the lies and doubts planted by the enemy. Satan is here to steal, kill and destroy. So what he tries to do is stir up anxiety, fear, shame, hopelessness. But the Bible has already told us that we have a Father who loves us, will never fail us, won’t ever leave us, and always has our back.

We should get up everyday knowing who God is and who we are in Him. But we sometimes don’t because the times are tough and our relationships are rough and our children aren’t walking straight and our jobs are weighing us down and we don’t earn enough and the list goes on.

If we live this world through the eyes of our circumstances we’re already dead. However, if we live it through the eyes of the Word and love of God, we’ll be over-comers. We’ll constantly experience the joy and peace of the Lord.

So today I declare that you will live through the eyes of the Word and love of God. That you will walk in your destiny. That you will walk in who you are – Esther, Joshua, Deborah, Jeremiah, Paul, Elijah, Abraham, Ruth, Mary, Joseph and Jesus all wrapped up in one.

You have already overcome. You just need to walk in that victory. Jesus didn’t die for our sins, shames, disappointments, pains, and sorrows for us to pick them back up. He died so we could walk in the wins he stored up for us long before we were even in our mother’s womb.

How do we walk in those wins? By rejecting every negative, lying, cheating, stealing thought that the enemy sends our way. By loving our neighbors. By loving ourselves. By loving our God.

Much Love,


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