Prayer For Children As They Go Back To School

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.” Isaiah 54:13

I’m on radio every 2nd Thursday of the month. Last week Thursday we talked about preparing children for back to school. The emphasis was on ensuring that we moved away from just preparing them with the material things such as book bags etc. But also preparing them spiritually, emotionally, financially etc.

Teach them time and money management skills, talk to them about puberty, if applicable, give them words of affirmation so they are constantly reminded of your love and God’s love. I’m sure the words will come back to memory when they’re dealing with difficult situations. Also, ensure they devote some time to prayer…teach them how to pray. This is by no means all that we can do but it is a great start.

 And as we send them off to a new school or class let us remember to pray over them.

Father we thank you for our children. We thank you that you love us so much that you’ve given us the gift of children – you’ve made us “mothers and fathers” (mothers, fathers, guardians, neighbors, aunts, uncles, teachers, mentors and more) and for that we are so grateful.

Children are so important to you God so it is only natural that they become important to us. So because of their significance in the earth and by your love we place them all before you now. This is a new season for each one by virtue of them coming into a new experience. Father, in this new season bless them. Bless them with wisdom, creative ideas, determination, and the life skills needed to win on this journey. Bless them and strengthen them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Remove from their minds folly thoughts, suicidal thoughts, thoughts of not being good enough. Replace their words with affirmations, with words of love towards their teachers, class mates and the staff at their schools. Even now bless their minds and spirit so that they may become all you have ordained them to be. Give them a spirit of excellence.

Bless the “mothers and fathers” who have given tirelessly to our children. Bless those who do all they can to see that our children become all You’ve called them to be. Lord thank you for the “mothers and fathers” who continue to love upon our children. I pray for new opportunities, fresh blessings and abundance for these “mothers and fathers” O Lord. We thank you Father that this new season is already well for our children and “mothers and fathers”. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

Congrats to those of you whose children did well in their finals. So proud of your children and of you because your child is a reflection of your goodness and righteousness. Be blessed.

Much Love,


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