Having Faith Even When Things Seem Impossible

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

My mom did surgery last week and I’m jumping for joy because she’s now home from the hospital. On top of that, her visit to the doctor went well today. But last Friday I wasn’t jumping for joy. I was agitated and crying. Agitated and crying because she was in excruciating pain. My mom was crying and in pain. My mom was doubled over in pain on her knees.

I was agitated and crying because I hadn’t expected her to be in pain and didn’t want her to be. I was agitated and crying because she was packed and ready to go home but the doctor could no longer allow her to leave. I wanted my mummy to come home. I was crushed. My tears and fear were heightened when my brother texted to say that the nurses were acting ‘weird’. I assumed he meant that something was terribly wrong but they didn’t want to say so. I cried harder. The tears fell even more.

No more than 5 minutes later the Lord stirred my spirit. Then I remembered that the family had prayed; hundreds had prayed and were still praying for my mom. I remembered that nothing is impossible with the God I serve.

Immediately the tears stopped and the agitation and worry went. Instead I started praying and reminding God of His promises to heal her and give her His peace. Then I started praising Him because of what I know about Him – He’s a promise keeping God, He is the God of the impossible, He is our healer and He is daddy.

What was it that had me for close to an hour so wound up and full of fear? It was the enemy. But this time the enemy wasn’t satan. The enemy was me. Me because I was so quick to let doubt and fear come in. Me because rather than respond as the daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I panicked.

Isn’t that ironic? The Lord gives us strength for such times as these, yet we sometimes are so overwhelmed that we forget that we have the power and authority to shift our atmosphere and turn our circumstances around.

I hope as you read this you were reminded that your Abba Father won’t forsake you – in good times or bad. I also hope that you were reminded of how strong you are in Him – that you are stronger than the lies you sometimes tell yourself.

In those impossible times, choose to activate your Faith. Choose to suppress the doubts.

Much Love,


All rights reserved © 2016.


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