The Still Small Voice

By Lona Isaacs

Psalm 119:11 – Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.

Two recent incidents reminded me just how important it is to be in tune to God and to listen to His still, small voice.

Firstly, one day I was about to throw out a supplement bottle which I thought was empty. As I headed toward the dustbin, I felt the urge to look inside the bottle. To my surprise, when I opened it, there were eleven capsules still inside. Because of the summer heat, they were stuck together and then stuck to the side of the bottle, so earlier when I had shaken the bottle, I did not hear a sound. Valuable cash saved from going down the drain.

On the second occasion, as I walked out of a church service one night, I felt led to ask the ladies walking behind me if any one of them needed a ride to the Hagley Park Road area. One indicated that she did. On the way, she revealed that she had only a specific amount of cash when she left home that evening, and had asked the Lord to provide a ride for her that night. And indeed he did.

God often speaks to us in His still small voice, but we must be in tune with Him in order to hear. In addition to that, we must be willing to obey. Had I not listened to him in the first incident, I would have ended up wasting money. In the second instance, I was the instrument used to answer somebody’s prayer.

God wants to bless you today. He wants to use you to accomplish His plans on earth. We His children on earth are His hands and feet. May we be willing to be used for His honour and glory.  May we listen to His still, small voice.

All rights reserved © 2014.


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