Ever Have Those Days When?

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

Ever have those days when you feel out of it?

– the bills are piling up
– you’re wondering where the next meal will come from
– the children are getting on your last nerve
– your body feels yuck
– nothing looks good on you
– you’re contemplating your next move and aren’t sure what that should be

I’m sure for some the list I have doesn’t begin to cover what you’re going through. Truth is, there are so many things we could be concerned about, worried about, cry about, scream about.

We all have those off days or months. But I’m reminded that no matter how off my days or months are, God stands with me. He loves me. He gives me peace.

In fact, the moment I start to sing and praise Him, every little thing seems OK. The weight is lifted. Then He rewards me by sending me a solution – whether it’s money, food, a way out of some work-related jam etc.

So when you feel the weight piling on, turn to God with those hallelujah shouts and songs of praise. Turn to Him and don’t stop until He sends you an answer.

Much Love,


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