Are You Ready For Mr. Right? (Part 1)

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

The last two years of my life have been truly exciting. The Lord has been molding me and as I go through this process I see where I am being transformed and am becoming the best version of me I can be.

However, I found myself recently wondering about my readiness for marriage. I wondered how much closer I was to becoming the best version of a wife there is. I’ve been there. I am now going through a divorce and though it was an abusive marriage, I also know that I wasn’t the wife he needed. I wasn’t ready for marriage and I wasn’t yet the best wife for any man.

While I’m sitting here writing, I’m reminded of what my pastor often says “so many women pray for the perfect husband. Yet these same women aren’t yet ready for marriage…and God won’t give His ‘best’ version of a husband to a wife that isn’t the best version of herself.”

He’s right. There are wonderful men out there. God didn’t make a mistake when He made men. So I know there is an honest to goodness, fabulous man out there for me as there is for other women. However, I  am concerned that we spend so much time fantasizing about the wedding and having children and being mushy that we don’t spend enough time preparing ourselves for marriage; preparing ourselves to be the best wives we can be.

So perhaps we should ask ourselves: Are we the best version of ourselves? Do we mirror what we’ve been asking God for in a husband? What kind of woman would he (the husband we’re praying for) want? What does God say about who we should be?

Let’s not fool ourselves into readily thinking that the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’. Unless we’ve been deliberate in preparing ourselves to be the best version of who we can be and the best wives we can be, we aren’t there yet.  So rather than merely praying for a husband, perhaps we should also ask God to show us how to be the wives our husbands (and husbands to be) deserve.

Let us pray,

Father, I exalt and magnify you. You are Holy and Righteous. You are Alpha and Omega. There is None like you O God. You are my Redeemer, Friend, and King. You are my Teacher. Teach me today Lord how to become the best version of myself. Lord empty me of the words, thoughts, actions and reactions that aren’t pleasing to you. Teach me today Lord how to become the wife my husband needs. Show me the things I need to clean up to become the kind of wife he deserves. Open my heart to receive your wisdom and revelation, Father. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Much Love,


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