New Season….New Possibilities

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

It’s December and some of you weren’t sure that you would have made it here with all the emotional, spiritual, financial and other struggles you’ve had to deal with. But you have! Because of God’s grace you have.

I love December….it’s not just any other month. It’s the month when the world corporately worships and celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whether you believe it’s His birthday or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that the world corporately comes together to share in this one thought, one voice..and this is done every single year. There are few events like this that have such a great impact on billions of lives. So yes, it is significant. Anything so significant usually brings with it a new season…new opportunities. You just need to grab a hold of it.

To grab a hold of this or any other new season and the opportunities it brings, you have to have the right posture and mindset. Here are four (4) things to consider to get you into the right mindset and posture:

  • See each new day as an opportunity. Ask God why He still has you on this earth. Ask Him what He has for you to do.
  • See events and conversations as a chance to bless someone rather your chance to rant, grumble and complain.
  • Be grateful for everything no matter how small, no matter the challenges. A heart that’s grateful is one that is open to receive fresh blessings and possibilities.
  • Be expectant…when you’re expectant it shows God that you are trusting Him to do something – whatever that something is – and as long as it lines up with His Word and plan for you…He’ll honor you.

As I go, I just want to make some declarations over your life. These are declarations that you can say yourself as well. I like saying declarations aloud and as often as I can because they take charge of the atmosphere which then results in positive outcomes.

So, I declare you will see new opportunities this season. I declare you are blessed, your family, your finances, your job, your business, your community, your children, your home are all Blessed. I declare that you will see a shift in your situation and circumstances. That the Lord will open new doors and shut old ones. I declare that you will have the joy of the Lord; you will not grumble nor murmur and you will have a grateful heart. I declare that you will be expectant showing God that you do trust in Him. Finally I declare that you will walk in purpose, bless others and that God will be glorified in your life.. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

God is just waiting to pour out His blessings. You just need to empty yourself to receive!

Much Love,


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