The Moment You’re Ready To Quit….

By Women Inspiring Prosperity

“The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment
right before a miracle happens.” (

Life is less about perfection and more about process. It’s about being prepared and fighting for longer than we thought we had in us. No matter how rough our days get we need to keep going. I’ve been through the days of no food, not knowing how my utilities will be paid, struggling with suicidal thoughts and the list goes on.

But I thank God. I thank God for who He is. I thank God for Jesus and for family and my prayer circle.

Trust me it gets rough. Some days are rougher than others. My biggest struggles these days…. can I get remarried already… jeesh! I don’t ever feel lonely but I certainly long for intimacy sometimes. And when I lay my concerns before God…sometimes we argue….other times I don’t even wanna hear anything except that Mr. Right is knocking at my door. lol!

Yet it’s never too overwhelming. Hallelujah!!! That’s because I know who I am and whose I am and I choose to believe that the plans God has for me are bigger than what I could ever imagine for myself.

So what do I do?….I choose not to quit….not to give in to my concerns or fears. I choose to believe that my miracle is on its way and all I have to do is continue to rejoice, praise God and have a heart of gratitude. And even if after that I don’t get what I want when I want it, at least I feel better…I feel joy, I feel love, and I become even more expectant. And that energizes me in such a remarkable way. So today don’t give up on your miracle. It’s probably right around the corner…

Much Love,


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