forming faith 3d

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“Forming Faith: Owning My Christianity” is a testimonial which encourages and inspires college students and young adults to form an intimate relationship with God and grow in faith.  Buy Forming Faith


bed defiled 3d

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Is the bed clean just because you have spread a new sheet on top of the dirty one? Is the house clean if it is not swept, but you have put up new drapes? Many couples live together in relative harmony before getting married, but as soon as they are married, all hell seems to break loose. Why is this so? The author examines this phenomenon based on the Word of God. The simplicity of the answer may surprise you.  Buy The Bed Defiled

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This book will enlighten and inspire you to: Be the best you God has called you to be Be confident in your true identity Discover and know your worth Live a purpose-driven life Be set apart and adopt God’s standards Prepare for eternity. Buy Living A Royal Reality

raising nathan,

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Raising Nathan is the heartfelt story of the struggle faced by Jamaican parents on discovering that their son would be born with a major disability – and a prognosis that he would not survive childhood. Written by Nathan’s Mom in a conversational, down-to-earth style, it recounts the enormous challenge of coming to terms with his special needs, and details the journey that has bound his family together – growing their faith and inspiring courage. Buy Raising Nathan

not by chance 3d

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In the summer of 1986 Cathryn Lewis felt that something was missing from her life. What was it? A romantic relationship and eventually, companionship! Although involved in church ministries she was not satisfied. What must she do? Was it her fault? She thought to herself “I did not take up offers that were presented to me; but some men can be cruel, unfaithful and abusive. The honest, kind and caring ones seem to be all taken!” She wrestled with this new feeling and sought God’s answers. Along came Matt. Through a series of orchestrated events including an accident, and hospitalizations where “I will marry you event if you come out in a wheel chair” was whispered, Cathryn was convinced that their meeting was “Not by Chance”.  This is the first in the series of novella ‘God answers prayer’.  Buy Not By Chance


Christ lives in me 3D

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“Christ Died for me, Christ Lives in me” hopes to promote righteous thinking in the believer. Ripton uses Scripture and poetry as the base for conversation, to bring his thoughts to life.  Buy Christ Died For Me


Sweet song of the soul 3d

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The Church has become so business/works oriented and “me” focused that we have lost our appetite for giving God glory in worship. The focal point of our gatherings is primarily about our buildings, possessions, and numbers, and the fame they can bring our local church. As Christians, our priority is to glorify the triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Revelation 4:8 – 11, John gives us a glimpse of how to worship Him. It is time to stop the folly of seeking fame, fortune and the favor of man; it is time to stop getting “cute” with Scripture; it is time to get back to teaching relationship with Him through His Word so that we can grasp the reality of God and begin to sing the sweet song of the soul.  Buy The Sweet Song of the Soul


Sweeter than honey 3d

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“Sweeter Than Honey: Thought-Provoking Morsels from Scripture” offers thought-provoking snippets from the Bible that edify and encourage the reader to seek the face of our Lord through His written Word.  Buy Sweeter Than Honey


from i do to i don't 3d

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“From I Do to I Don’t: Overcoming The Wounds Of A Bad Relationship” describes Tricia-Anne’s personal experience in an abusive relationship and the strategies she used to heal. The book was written to help women determine whether or not they’re in a bad relationship, engage in the healing process and track their progress. It also gives tips to help women not repeat the mistake. Inside are solutions women can use to heal. We invite all women regardless of age, race, educational background or income status to read this book. Our prayer is that as you read, it will help you heal and help you take back your life!  Buy From I Do to I Don’t


Every Woman Devotional 2d

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“Every Woman Devotional: The Journey To Becoming A Woman of Purpose” is designed to empower, motivate, equip and transform women so that they can fulfill their God-given purpose/ potential. Women will be taken on a Journey of three phases that will boost their confidence, their spirituality, their relationship with God, themselves and others and will empower them to excel in all areas. Each phase will have 25 Devotional that consists of a scripture from the Holy Bible, a song, the Devotional and a short prayer. Each page will have a “power pebble”.   Buy Every Woman Devotional