Nicola Walker

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Nicola Walker is a woman of God and great faith, who truly believes that all things work together for our good. She loves very much to encourage and inspire people, and help persons find their purpose in God. Her greatest desires are  to fulfill her God-given purpose and to hear the words “Well done thou  good and faithful servant”.

Nicola loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart. She seeks to please him in every way. Though not perfect, she strives for perfection. With the help of the Holy Spirit she will continue to have a relationship with God and remain faithful to him. Making Jesus the center of her worship, she strongly believes in living a life of Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship, which she knows will open many doors of blessings and keep her continually in His presence.


Posts by Nicola:

No Matter The Storm, You Are Still God!
No Matter The Storm, You Are Still God!